Accountants on Twitter?

June 1st, 2020 by Shaun McNerney Leave a reply »

Question – What do accountants and Twitter have in common?

     a) Nothing     b) Sales     c) Marketing     d) All of the above

My first response would have been “a) Nothing.” After all, what would an accountant have to say? “I’m reconciling Shaun’s checking account now. A/R is next.”

I was doing some continuous networking with an accountant friend of mine. He owns his own firm and is actively using Twitter. I asked him why would an accountant be on Twitter? His answer, “sales and marketing.”

My accountant friend uses Twitter to build the client relationship. He constantly touches his clients through Twitter (and an email newsletter for his non-Twitter clients). He sends out links to articles and web sites that he thinks his clients would find relevant and interesting. His goal is to send out at least one link daily.

This goes back to my earlier post about searchable social media. My accountant friend periodically searches Twitter for select keywords. He believes that by finding and helping small business owners talking about specific topics, he can establish a long term relationship with that person.

Finally, another reason why my accounting friend is using Twitter is because almost all of his competitors don’t.

So, now I know. The correct answer is “d) All of the above.”

Shaun McNerney



  1. Etienne says:

    Great thoughts, your friend is wise! As an accountant who is also on Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/etc, I am constantly surprised how often I can request SEO friendly vanity URLs like “CertifiedPublicAccountant” or “SpringsCPA”. It highlights our profession’s lack of creativity around the new social media tools and a failure to understand how powerful they can be in a business almost completely driven by relationships.