Business Focus – Change or Die

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Change or Die

Voice of the customer (Asset or Baby part 2)

Let’s talk about Baby businesses. Sometimes you just need to know when to walk away.

I have a friend that started a software company a long time ago. They never really listened to what the customer was saying about their product. Instead they took the engineer approach which is “hey this is the greatest product since sliced bread. Everyone should want this. I just don’t understand why they are not buying it.” And the kept plugging away, and plugging away adding the “one missing feature” that was preventing them from buying it. The fundamental problem was that they never stopped to listen to what the customer wanted. Since they never listened, they were never going to be successful. They might have had a few sales here and there but in the long run it is not going to work. That is because regardless if is the best thing ever, if it is not what the customer wants, the customer is not going to buy it. plain and simple.

– Listen to the customer, start listening to customers before you start building a product. You can gues what the customer wants, but you will guess wrong. Why waste time working on something customers don’t want?

– Deliver sooner rather than later. The first version of the product doesn’t have be perfect. It just has to solve enough of the customer’s problems to be valuable to them.

– Recognize need for change. Pull the plug on something that isn’t working as soon as you realize it isn’t working. Every day you delay is a day wasted.



Secure Messages – It’s So Easy

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The Problem

Secure Email – Too Complicated

Solution – Secure Messaging


How many of you have a personal digital certificate? Nobody? This is why secure email never took off.

Let me define Secure Email. Secure email is total protection of the message content,

that the message can only be read by the recipient, authenticity, integrity,

I view secure email much like having my own armored car. The armored car is the ultimate in

protection. It provides complete security for whatever I choose to put in it. Unfortunately, I don’t

own an armored car. They cost too much. I just own a regular car. When I want to protect the

contents of my regular car, I roll up the windows, lock the doors, and arm the alarm. But, I don’t

put my contents in an armored car.

That’s why I think rather than secure email I think we should have secure messaging. Secure messaging is

literally the car with the windows rolled up, doors locked, and the alarm armed.

For a demonstration of a secure message, click here. You’ll need a password (“easy”) and provide

your email address (as a signature) to access the secure message.

So, there you have it. Secure messaging is much simpler than secure email. That’s why I always

use secure messages to send valuable and confidential information.

Ease of use for the sender and recipient.

Secure email requires personal certificates and special secure email clients (MS Outlook).

Secure messaging only requires a web browser.



15 Minutes of Fame – 140 Characters at a time

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“In the future everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” Andy Warhol

I have a theory on why social media is popular with kids. I think it is all about fame, or a variation of fame I call “e-fame.”

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One Reason To Virtualize

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“Our server room had run out of space, power, and cooling capacity. Several new servers were waiting to be added. We needed to consolidate our servers. This was the one reason why we decided it was time to virtualize.” » Read more: One Reason To Virtualize