Shaun McNerney

Shaun lives in Colorado and is active in the Colorado high tech community. Currently, Shaun is CEO of Veropan, Managing Member of Red Rake, and the chairman of CXO Connect.

Shaun has led technology startups and initiatives throughout his twenty-five year career. He founded TellSoft Technologies, Red Rake, Black White Box, Bit Weld, and Veropan.

As President & CEO and Board Chairman, Shaun evolved TellSoft Technologies from concept, to product, to venture funding, and then on to acquisition within a five year period. He co-founded Black White Box which was similarly acquired.

Shaun is the author of over fifteen pending and issued patents. His initial career was with MCI where he served as an Internet evangelist.

Shaun holds a M.S in Computer Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Science from San Jose State University.

The best way to contact Shaun is via email at shaun (at) mcnerney (dot) us.

Shaun can also be found on:

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