Secure Messages – It’s So Easy

June 1st, 2020 by Shaun McNerney Leave a reply »

The Problem

Secure Email – Too Complicated

Solution – Secure Messaging


How many of you have a personal digital certificate? Nobody? This is why secure email never took off.

Let me define Secure Email. Secure email is total protection of the message content,

that the message can only be read by the recipient, authenticity, integrity,

I view secure email much like having my own armored car. The armored car is the ultimate in

protection. It provides complete security for whatever I choose to put in it. Unfortunately, I don’t

own an armored car. They cost too much. I just own a regular car. When I want to protect the

contents of my regular car, I roll up the windows, lock the doors, and arm the alarm. But, I don’t

put my contents in an armored car.

That’s why I think rather than secure email I think we should have secure messaging. Secure messaging is

literally the car with the windows rolled up, doors locked, and the alarm armed.

For a demonstration of a secure message, click here. You’ll need a password (“easy”) and provide

your email address (as a signature) to access the secure message.

So, there you have it. Secure messaging is much simpler than secure email. That’s why I always

use secure messages to send valuable and confidential information.

Ease of use for the sender and recipient.

Secure email requires personal certificates and special secure email clients (MS Outlook).

Secure messaging only requires a web browser.




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