FTP – Just Say No!

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FTP = Frustrating, Time wasting Protocol

I can remember when FTP was cool. That was back in 1999 when I was using FTP to download 1 MB files. Now I need to securely share 100MB files. When I think of FTP today I think of failures, no privacy, difficult to secure, no audit trail, and a frustrating user experience.

FTP just doesn’t cut it. Businesses should “Just Say No” to FTP. There has to be a better way to share files. There is – Secure Workspaces from Bit Weld.

Shutdown Your FTP Server
Secure Workspaces are a replacement for FTP. Using a web browser, you can upload and download files easily and securely via https.

A big advantage Secure Workspaces have over FTP is that you can create dozens of Secure Workspaces in minutes – all independent of each other. Using FTP you would have to get your IT staff to create dozens of subdirectories, dozens of user logins, and then apply access controls (security) to each subdirectory separately.

Another advantage is Secure Workspace access is audited. I know exactly who downloaded which files and when they did it.

Check It Out
Click here to try a Secure Workspace that I have set up just for this blog.  The password is “easy” and you will need to enter your email address (your signature) to access the Secure Workspace.

Feel free to create a folder and upload some files into the Secure Workspace. Just keep in mind that I will be alerted when you do.

So, why should you use Secure Workspaces?

  • Simple – Secure Workspace are easy to use. File uploads, downloads are quick and simple. Working with multiple files is a snap.
  • Secure – Unlike FTP, secure workspaces are fully encrypted, access controlled, and audited.
  • Peace of Mind – Each of my clients have their own separate Secure Workspaces. I know exactly who is accessing my data.

You can try creating and using your own Secure Workspaces for free. Click here to sign up for a 14 day free trial. Enjoy.

Shaun McNerney

Disclaimer: I am an investor in Bit Weld.


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